The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office has announced the results of the 43rd annual Kern County Middle School Mathematics Field Day held Saturday at Liberty High School.

More than 700 middle school students from two dozen schools participated.

Sixth, seventh and eighth-graders -- or those in an algebra class for which they will receive high school credit -- competed in a series of written events testing their math talents individually and in teams of two, three, four and five by grade level. Some of the categories have playful names such as "leap frog" and "mad hatter." Still others offer the flavor of athletic competition with names such as "power relay," "circuit training," "individual medley" and "triathlon games."

The 2013 results are as follows:

INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY (top students from each school)

Actis Jr. High -- Camille Lagunzad, seventh grade; Ryan Crowley, eighth grade

Alicante Avenue -- Jose Nava

Almond Tree Middle -- Guadalupe Contreras, sixth grade; Araceli Meza, seventh grade; Bryan Medina, eighth grade

Cecil Avenue Math & Science Academy -- Mariano Balbuena, sixth grade; Jose Mendez Leal, seventh grade; Destiney Kerchner, eighth grade

Discovery Elementary -- Alex Castro

Endeavour -- Anmol Lakhotia

Franklin -- Emma Burkhart

Fruitvale Jr. High -- Will Alexander, seventh grade; Benjamin Le, eighth grade

Independence Elementary -- Declan Gastineau

La Vina Middle -- Nathan Chavenuez, sixth grade; Marcela Cortez, seventh grade; Omar Obeid, eighth grade

McKee Middle -- Victor Villa

Miller Elementary -- David Leaman

Monroe Middle -- Tonya Shmit, sixth grade; Autumn Peach, seventh grade; David Pope eighth grade

Mountain View Middle -- Jonathan Moreno seventh grade; Alondra Ayala eighth grade

Murray Middle -- Adelina Anderson sixth grade; Frank Harvey seventh grade; Kevin Wonnacott eighth grade

Owens Intermediate -- Dylan Gonzalez

Sequoia Elementary -- Lindsey Wright

Stine -- Juan Castantino

Stockdale Elementary -- Somya Prabhaka

Stonecreek Jr. High -- Sebastian Antony seventh grade; Jonathan Lun, eighth grade

Tevis Jr. High -- Nicholas Martindale-Oliveria, seventh grade; Shikha Srinivas, eighth grade

Wallace Middle -- Alyssa McKillop, sixth grade; Taylor Surico, seventh grade; Paige McCluskey, eighth grade

Warren Jr. High -- Joeyta Banerjee, seventh grade; Jennifer Pusavat, eighth grade

Washington Jr. High -- Anthony Lopez, sixth grade; Benjamin Benitez, seventh grade; Khris Edwards, eighth grade

POWER RELAYS -- Sixth grade

First: La Vina Middle School -- Paulo Espiritu, Julissa Elizondo, Mayra Lara, Ashley Maldonado and Jasmine Arellano

Second: Stockdale Elementary: Vaisakh Abhilash, Somya Prabhaka, Nick Oosthuizen, Connor Adkins and Gabriel Morozowsky

Third: Discovery Elementary -- Garrett Ellis, Daniel Shaw, Race Dalton, Christian Perdue and Benjamin Martin

POWER RELAYS -- Seventh grade

First: Warren Junior High -- Dhur Patel, Pooja Desai, Reena Somani, Anusha Gogulapati and Joeyta Banerjee

Second: La Vina Middle School -- Javier Garibay, Maureen Munoz, Anthony Arellano, Liezle Fiesta and Sarah Veloya

Third: Tevis Junior High -- Duc Phan, Harveer Singh, Jenna Shih, Oliver Bryniarski and Sebastian Medina

POWER RELAYS -- Eighth grade

First: Tevis Junior High -- Adam Hazelton, Hoda Huzaibi, Lurdez Puga, Ethan Coon and Abhishek Srinivas

Second: Warren Junior High -- Govena Garewal, Melissa Pham, Spencer Glazer, Sumanth Dara and Vedant Vaidya

Third: Almond Tree Middle School -- Vanessa Gamboa, Ruby Ceja, Benedict Guinto, Viviana Escobar and Nadia Chofer

LEAP FROG -- Sixth grade

First: Independence Elementary -- Joseph Captu and Jack Waite

Second: Stine School -- Juan Castantino and Armando Reyes

Third: Owens Intermediate -- Isaiah Kroeker and Dylan Gonzalez

LEAP FROG -- Seventh grade

First: Warren Junior High -- Niteesh Kuchakulla and Warren Alphonso

Second: Fruitvale Junior High -- Luke Terrio and Will Alexander

Third: Stonecreek Junior High -- Sebastian Antony and Gurnaaz Deol

LEAP FROG -- Eighth grade

First: Warren Junior High -- Jennifer Pusavat and Phillip Felizarta

Second: Lavina Middle -- Joshua Toralba and Jose Sagun

Third: Fruitvale Junior High -- Heip Bui and Benjamin Le


First: Murray Middle -- Samuel Marler and Jack Kowalski

Second: Owens Intermediate -- Tadeo Spencer and Cameron Raasch

Third: Independence Elementary -- Justin Yatco and Declan Gastineau

CIRCUIT TRAINING -- Seventh and eighth grade (combined)

First: Warren Junior -- Matthew Bang and Sahil Alim

Second: Tevis Junior High -- Catherine Nguyen and Jordan Shih

Third: Stonecreek Junior High -- Varghese Antony and Jonathan Lun

MAD HATTER -- Sixth grade

First: Murray Middle -- Adelina Anderson and Callie Clayson

Second: Discovery Elementary -- Elise Ferreira and Payton Renz; and Independence Elementary -- Arman Mansur and Ben Squires

Third: Miller Elementary -- Anthony Pineda and Jasandeep Singh

MAD HATTER -- Seventh grade

First: Warren Junior High -- John Son and Kenny Lay; and Fruitvale Junior High -- Grant Barksdale and Josh Gutierrez

and La Vina Middle -- Jeremy Fernandez and Erwin Rivera

Second: Tevis Junior High -- Celeste Mann and Salisha Baranwal

Third: Mt. View Middle -- Kate Chavenuez and Camila Mosqueda

MAD HATTER -- Eighth grade

First: Actis Junior High -- Nick Galland and Ryan Crowley

Second: Tevis Junior High -- Shikha Srinivas and Priya Valentina

And Almond Tree Middle -- Enrique Ortiz and Bryan Medina

And Fruitvale Junior High -- Natasha Bramer and Kyle Lamento

Third: La Vina Middle -- Gerardo Parra and Omar Obeid


First: Murray Middle -- Thomas Hall, Kira Peters, Kevin Wonnacott and Patrick Gardner

Second: Warren Junior High -- Matthew Pelz, Nancy Dinh, Michelle Ly and Carolyn Poston

Third: Fruitvale Junior High -- Meghan Tran, Elli Cunanan, Spenser Prow and Bryan Ardron

SUDOKU -- Sixth grade

First: Miller School -- David Leaman

Second: Sequoia -- Kyler Marinez

Third: Owens Intermediate -- Lila Reed

SUDOKU -- Seventh grade

First: Mt. View Middle -- German Galvez

Second: Tevis Junior High -- Alex Kaufman

Third: Wallace Middle -- Ayla Lambert

SUDOKU -- Eighth grade

First: Almond Tree Middle -- Marinelle Lapitan

Second: Fruitvale Junior High -- Camryn Wuest

Third: Mt. View -- Alondra Ayala

TRIATHLON GAMES -- Sixth grade

First: Endeavour Elementary -- Emma McNellis

Second: Sequoia -- Brianna Acosta

Third: Owens Intermediate -- Isaac Nartea

TRIATHLON GAMES -- Seventh grade

First: Fruitvale Junior High -- Alana Klopstein

Second: Mt. View Middle -- Gerardo Ruezga

Third: Wallace Middle -- Joi Stiht-Robinson

TRIATHLON GAMES -- Eighth grade

First: La Vina Middle -- Glenn Garcia

Second: Almond Tree Middle -- Guadalupe Ayon

Third: Monroe Middle -- David Pope

TAX COLLECTOR -- Sixth grade

First: Alicante School -- Omar Rodriguez

Second: Murray Middle -- Daelynn Thornton

Third: Franklin Elementary -- Andrew Dunn

TAX COLLECTOR -- Seventh grade

First: Wallace Middle -- Taylor Surico

Second: Fruitvale Junior High -- Ethan Nicholson

Third: Mt. View Middle -- Esai Gutierrez

TAX COLLECTOR -- Eighth grade

First: Monroe Middle -- Sawyer Chrisman

Second: Murray Middle -- Sidney Pollock

Third: Fruitvale Junior High -- Richard Chambers


First: Sequoia -- Kyler Martinez, Lindsey Wright, Parneet Behniwal and Miguel Maldonado

Second: Cecil Avenue Middle -- Ivan Reyes, Juan Diaz, Xavier Duran and Jose Beltran

Third: Discovery Elementary -- Payton Renz, Alex Castro, Zoe Richert and Ben Martin


First: Rosedale Middle -- Spencer Stockton, Matt Maurer, Kanani Lua and Justin Guseman

Second: Warren Junior High -- Niteesh Kuchakulla, Anusha Gogulapati, Warren Alphonso and Joeyta Banerjee

Third: Tevis Junior High -- Salisha Baranwal, Oliver Bryniarski, Jenna Shih and Celeste Mann


First: Tevis Junior High -- Shikha Srinivas, Ashley Sorensen, Victoria Von Flue and Ethan Coon

Second: Warren Junior High -- Gisselle Livingston, Jenika Maala, Jaimie Kim and Jennifer Pusavat

Third: La Vina Middle -- Ramon Diago, Omar Obeid, Joshua Toralba and Meljay Llanesx

Math Field Day is coordinated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools with sponsorship from California Math Council, Kern County Science Foundation and Westchester Kiwanis.

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