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Felix Adamo / The Californian

No injuries were reported when this car burned in the 6300 block of Ming Avenue near Greensward Way. Traffic was diverted on Ming Avenue until the fire was extinguished.

Passers-by pulled a man from a burning vehicle Tuesday afternoon on Ming Avenue near Cheshire Drive.

"I ran out to help and I saw some (people) using the water hose from the coffee shop and they were trying to put the fire out but the entire car was up in flames," said Robert Casas, manager of Lorene's Coffee Shop.

Casas ran to get the fire extinguisher from the coffee shop and helped put out the fire on the driver's side of the car.

The flames were blocking the driver's exit so Casas said they pulled the driver out from the passenger side of the car.

BPD Sgt. Scott Thatcher said the man made it out of the car safely, but there are concerns about smoke inhalation. The man was taken to a hospital.

The Bakersfield Fire Department is investigating the fire's cause.