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Henry A. Barrios / The Californian

Detentions Deputy James Tackitt Jr. in a file photo of his arraignment in Kern County Superior. His attorney at the time of the arraignment was Fred Gagliardini, in the background. Tackitt had a different attorney at trial.

A Kern County sheriff's detentions deputy was held to answer Wednesday on three of the four charges filed against him in connection with allegedly threatening to kill his wife and holding her against her will earlier this year.

James Tackitt Jr. was held to answer on felony charges of assault with a gun on a person, threatening with the intent to terrorize and false imprisonment. A misdemeanor charge of spousal battery was dismissed.

Tackitt is scheduled for a second arraignment April 26, according to court records.

Defense attorney Fred Gagliardini said the battery charge was dismissed because no injuries were found on Tackitt's wife. He declined further comment.

Prosecutor Marcus Cuper also declined comment Wednesday.

Bakersfield police said they responded to Tackitt's home Jan. 30 for a domestic violence report and found Tackitt and his wife had been in an argument at about 11:30 a.m. Police say Tackitt retrieved a gun and loaded it during the argument.

Police said Tackitt forced his wife into a closet, ordered her to kneel on the ground and placed the barrel of the gun to the back of her head. Police said he repeatedly told her he was going to kill her and then himself.

The wife was able to talk Tackitt into letting her leave with her child, according to police. Neither the wife nor child were harmed.

Tackitt's wife has also accused her husband of poisoning her dog, but no charges have been filed in connection with those allegations. A search warrant filed in court said the wife found her German shepherd stumbling in the backyard and foaming at the mouth Feb. 1.

She took the dog to a veterinary clinic and was told the dog had been poisoned with pesticides, according to the search warrant. The dog was euthanized.

Tackitt was questioned and denied poisoning the dog, the search warrant said.