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Photo courtesy of Julie Ingram

South High School is performing "Boeing Boeing."

Ready for take off! Starting Friday, South High School's Rebel Acting Troupe -- aka the RAT Pack -- presents "Boeing Boeing" by Marc Camoietti and directed by Julie Ingram.

The high-flying comedy takes place in an apartment in Paris in the 1960s.

The ensemble cast is made up of Steven Stacy as Bernard the Parisian bachelor; Elizabeth Nagel as Janet the American air hostess; Carolina Aldaco as Bertha, Bernard's housekeeper; Kris Anderson as Bernard's friend from America; Baylee Myers as Jacqueline the French air hostess; and Amelia Rogers as Judith the German air hostess.

This fun farce is about Bernard's successful engagement to three air hostesses from three different countries. His perfect set-up soon starts to crumble when the airplanes begin flying faster, therefore messing with his schedules. Soon all three stewardesses are in Paris at the same time, and zaniness ensues.

"This is a very new character for me," said Anderson, who plays Bernard's friend. "He evolves into a player by the end of the play. My character really lets me have fun."

Amelia Rogers is excited about her role, because it will be her last at South.

"I think a lot of people will be surprised with the maturity and flirtiness of the play."

-- Ashley Venegas and Ruby Castillo are students at South High