Supporters of Glenda Sue Crosley will hold a yard sale on Saturday to raise money to cover legal fees for a new sentencing hearing for Crosley, who was convicted of murdering her husband 27 years ago.

Crosley's supporters are hoping to get the hearing based on a new law enacted this year that allows a second look at cases tried prior to the 1990s where the effects of battered women's syndrome may have been unfairly limited.

Stacy Crosley, Glenda's daughter, said a battered women's syndrome expert was allowed to testify in her both of her mother's trials. But the testimony was tightly limited and judges in both trials told jurors to discount it during their deliberations.

In Glenda Crosley's first trial, a jury rejected first-degree murder and deadlocked on second-degree murder or manslaughter.

She was tried again and convicted in 1988 of second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 15 years to life.

In both trials, numerous witnesses, including the Crosleys' three children, testified to ongoing abuse by Sam Crosley, Glenda's husband.

The night of the murder, Aug. 12, 1986, the Crosleys were living apart but Glenda went to a pizza parlor where Sam was attending a party and the two had words in the parking lot.

Sam walked away from Glenda, who rammed him with her car. She backed up and hit him a second time, crushing him between her grill and the trunk of his car.

Then she drove away with him still pinned beneath her car.

The facts are gruesome, but Stacy Crosley has said no one understands the ongoing horror the family went through for years before it happened.

If Glenda can get a resentencing, Stacy said, her supporters also hope to bring up evidence that wasn't allowed in the previous trials, such as Sam Crosley's arrests, numerous police visits to the home for spousal abuse and Sam's trips to the hospital for psychiatric evaluations.

Even if the family is successful in getting a new hearing, the Kern County District Attorney's office has vowed to fight Crosley's release, saying she still has not admitted she did anything wrong.

Stacy Crosley disputes that, saying her mother is fully accountable for her actions.

The yard sale will be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 3601 Planz Road.

Stacy said they will have baby items, furniture and appliances, among many other items. They will also accept donations.

All proceeds will go to the Glenda Crosley Legal Defense fund.

Stacy is working on two more local fundraisers next month but details are pending.

Saturday's event will also be publicized on Craigslist.