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AP Photo/El Paso Times, Victor Calzada

Motorists waited to fill up at the Costco Wholesale Warehouse gas pumps Thursday Sept. 22, 2005 in El Paso, Texas.

Q: Realizing you need to be a member to purchase gas at Costco, I am curious as to why Costco does not need to post the gas prices street-side as all other gas stations are required to do. Is it exempt because it's a member-based business?

-- Darlyn Baker

You're absolutely right, said Ruben Arroyo, director of the Kern County Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards.

Gas stations are required to post their prices in a place visible from the main throughway they are on, he said. But Bakersfield's Costco is exempt from having to have a prominent sign on Rosedale Highway, Arroyo said, because it's a members-only retailer.

Q: I've been reading a lot about proposed trash pickup around Bakersfield, but I've only seen plans for Highways 99, 58 and 178. Are there any plans for trash pickup along Edison Highway east of Comanche Road? I drive this stretch of road frequently and am constantly amazed at the trash that accumulates in this area.

-- Jim Columbia

A: Aurora Rush, special projects manager with the Kern County Waste Management Department, responded:

There are several groups involved in dealing with litter and trash found on Edison Highway east of Comanche Road. The portion of Edison from Malaga Road to Towerline Road has been adopted through the Keep Kern Roads Clean program, and the group provides cleanup four times per year.

In addition, the Kern County Roads Department routinely provides maintenance and roadside cleanup of the county areas along Edison Highway. The sheriff's department inmate work program also conducted a large scale cleanup of Edison Highway in December 2012 and will continue to provide their services as needed.

We encourage the public to consider adopting county roads through the Keep Kern Roads Clean program. For more information on the program, visit

Q: Several years ago, I don't know who was doing the construction but they started putting handicap sidewalk corners in Oildale. Then they went down the south side of Woodrow Avenue from Airport Drive to Castaic Avenue putting in sidewalks to every home that didn't have one.

When they reached Castaic Avenue, they stopped. It was my understanding at the time that all of Oildale was going to get sidewalks. What happened?

-- Steve Rawlins

A: Craig Pope, director of Kern County Roads, answered:

There was never a project to put sidewalk in all of Oildale. We put together projects as money becomes available. We either put out a contract for a chunk or chip away at it with our own concrete crew.

Our goal is to make it safe for pedestrians with walkways but it will be quite some time before we complete this.

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