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Daniel Day-Lewis, center rear, as Abraham Lincoln in a scene from the film "Lincoln."

This Week's Obsessions is a regular feature that touches on what has us buzzing in Eye Street.

This week brought us the release of "Lincoln" on Blu-ray. I loved it when it hit theaters a few months ago, and I love it even more now. I don't know why, but the experience of watching a great movie is somehow amplified when I watch it at home: no distractions, no other people, no idiots making noise; just me and the film.

And "Lincoln" has the goods. If you left the theater when you first saw "Lincoln" wondering if Daniel Day-Lewis was really that good, well, this Blu-ray will answer that question once and for all. By the end, I wanted to send him another Oscar, but sadly I don't get to give them out. These days, the only real reason to own a movie is the special features, and "Lincoln" comes loaded for bear. If you dug the historical aspect of the movie, there's lots more great stuff here to let your brain roll around in.

Speaking of movies, I have been getting a ton of use out of my Apple TV lately. It really is the best gadget going these days. I know there are plenty of options out there, like the Roku box (which is half the price), or TVs with the streaming built in (thus, smart TVs). But if you're already an Apple user, this thing is simply the best. You can stream all your Netflix movies, watch Hulu content, Major League Baseball, NHL Hockey, and lots more. And with everything getting stashed in the cloud these days, it's pretty cool to buy movies and TV shows direct from Apple and poof! -- they're in the cloud, and you own them forever. And my kids can use their Apple TV boxes from wherever they are too.

Pretty handy. I think up to five people can use one account via a password. And if the kids forget their chores or owe me $10, I can change the password until they clean up or pay up.

Elizabeth Cook

Stuck in the CD slot this week is "Gospel Plow" by Elizabeth Cook. Her last album, "Welder," was one of my top 10 albums of 2012. And, in typically eclectic Elizabeth Cook fashion, she decided to follow up her best record to date with a gospel album. If you're a consumer of gospel music, this album will amaze you.

And if you're just a fan of great Americana music, you'll love it too. In a world dominated by fake country pop princesses, Elizabeth is the real deal. Short as this record is, it certainly covers a lot of sonic ground: country, bluegrass, rock -- it's all there, breathing new life into a great list of gospel classics.