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Central Valley magazine

It's not often our friends to the north in Fresno have much kind to say about Bakersfield.

So we were surprised to see the March issue of Central Valley magazine feature a complimentary story titled "What's So Great About Bakersfield?"

Longtime Fresno Bee staffer Gail Marshall (the magazine is a Bee product) writes glowingly of our town, saying "My loss!" in apologizing for driving through but never stopping in Bakersfield all these years.

"Bakersfield was recently named as a top city for strong economic vitality and growth. So maybe it's time we Fresnans stop pooh-poohing Bakersfield and take a closer look." Indeed.

What follows is a four-page read highlighting the normal hotspots like the Crystal Palace, Dewar's, the Padre Hotel, but also some lesser-publicized spots like J's Place and Coconut Joe's.

Not saying peace between the two cities is at hand, but it's a nice gesture, nonetheless, to get a pat on the back instead of a pie in the face.


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