Well this was unexpected. Last week's 'Walking Dead," the finale of "Pretty Little Liars" and all the March Madness games were talked about on social media, but not nearly as much as the Kids' Choice Awards on Nickelodeon.

According to Bluefin Labs, the annual awards show boasted 30 million public posts, tweets and check-ins during its Saturday night broadcast.

The Miami vs. Boston NBA game was No. 2 with 2.3 million, "Liars" was third with 1.9 million (way more than the previous week's 490,500 posts), and "Dead" was fourth with only 688,000 posts.

First thought: I've seen bits and pieces of this awards show in the past and it's nothing to write home about. But it was on Saturday night when there was arguably nothing else for kids on television.

And this is aimed at kids in the 6- to 13-year-old range. Disney and Nickelodeon shows and stars are the main attraction.

Second thought: This is an awards show aimed at kids. Chances are a lot of moms and dads watched, too.

But who was on social media talking about it to the tune of 30 million posts? Adults? Not likely, unless it was to say "Promised the kids I'd watch, ugh. #KCA."

Kids? That's a whole other issue! You know young kids on social media is a point I like to harp on, so I'll keep it to a minimum.

Are you really letting your 9 year old tweet? Today it's about Sponge Bob, but tomorrow he's clicking a link to YouTube showing video from a bachelor party at a "gentlemen's club." Think it's not possible? Think again.

I did a quick search of the #KCA hashtag on Twitter and found lots of tweets from the celebs who were on the show, as well as the networks and kid-based entertainment publications like "Tiger Beat" magazine.

But there were quite a few from non-celebs containing some pretty raunchy language. I didn't dare click on any of the links.

Ah well, 30 million public social media posts were noted from this show. Here's hoping parents were watching.


Nook, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy, iPhone, Android and an infinite number of apps.

Dizzying, right?

I hear a lot of feedback from the community on how much they love their tablets and eReaders, but always have questions on how to use them beyond what they are currently using them for.

Yes, they can be complicated.

One of the great things about them is that they can be used not just to read books you've purchased, but to read books on loan from the library.

You read that right: You can check out ebooks from the Kern County Library directly to your device.

Like old-fashioned printed books, libraries have a limited number of copies for you to "check out" and you have to "return" it when it's due.

So how do you do check out a book?

Unfortunately, it's going to be a different process depending on which device you're using, so it's never a straight answer.

But here's the news: Next week the Digital Bookmobile Tour will roll into Kern County. And I do mean roll.

It's an 18-wheel tractor-trailer and will be parked outside Beale Memorial Library on Truxtun Avenue.

From 2 to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday readers will be able to learn how to access the library's digital collection on specific devices. The get-up even includes a gadget gallery with several devices for you to try.

So if you want to learn, step-by-step, how to check out books from the library to your tablet, don't miss the digital bookmobile next week.

Kudos to the folks at overdrive.com for putting on this hands-on exhibit.

'First Look' on Facebook

With the first week of "First Look with Scott Cox" in the books, the Facebook page is up and running. Check it out at Facebook.com/FirstLookWithScottCox.

We'll post fun stuff like giveaways and contests, as well as talking with you about what our guests have to say.

Instagram contest

If you listened to the show last week you probably heard that Scott doesn't care much for Instagram, even after we showed him how great photos edited in Instagram can look.

Alas, he isn't quite a believer. Hence, we have a contest.

Send us your before AND after Instagram photos. That's the original photo and the finished version after it has been cropped and edited in Instagram.

We have several cool prizes, including a $50 gift card to Imbibe Wine & Spirits.

Deadline is April 2 and all the details can be found in the 'Instagram Contest' post at Bakersfield.com/FirstLook.

-- Jamie Butow is the community engagement coordinator for The Bakersfield.com Network. Email her at JButow@bakersfield.com. Follow her at Facebook.com/JamieButow2, and on Twitter@JamieButow.