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"Free runners" perform on old airplanes at Mojave Airport as part of a video shoot for "The Takeover."

One of the things Mojave is known for is a massive airliner graveyard, a desolate place where old aircraft are taken to be stored, parted out or used for safety and anti-terrorism tests. And now, the so-called "boneyard" is being used as an exercise yard.

Fans of a sport called "free running" recently took over the airplane graveyard for a two-day shoot for a video called "The Takeover" that captures 40 people from 14 countries running in, on and out of planes of all sizes, performing a wide variety of acrobatic tricks.

As of Saturday afternoon, the video had been viewed nearly 250,000 times.

The video reminds us of the videos featuring Silas and Elijah Nacita of Bakersfield performing some wild aerobatic tricks in places throughout Bakersfield.


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