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Casey Christie / The Californian

"First Look" host Scott Cox talks with Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood on the morning show Wednesday.

Welcome to This Week's Obsessions, a regular feature that touches on what has us buzzing in Eye Street.

This week's obsessions are all no-brainers. We have this new morning show called "First Look with Scott Cox," and it's been chewing up the bulk of my time lately. It's a radio show on KERN AM 1180, and it's broadcast in glorious high-def on We have breaking news, traffic, weather, exciting guests -- you name it. A huge amount of work has gone into this thing by a lot of really smart people, and I hope everyone gives it a look/listen. It's been a blast broadcasting with The Californian staff. Getting to work downtown again is a huge bonus. I love it down here. After work I can walk to Front Porch Music or Muerto's. Check out "First Look" weekdays from 7 to 10 a.m. on your radio, computer or mobile device.

I have the weekend entertainment tip of the century: Bob Schneider at SLO Brewing Company.

Bob's work is difficult to describe. Simply put, he's a force of nature. He writes truly brilliant songs and delivers them in a way that has made him a legend on the Austin music scene. Bob does it all: rock, country, blues -- even a little rap thrown in when appropriate (and sometimes rap is appropriate, so quit snickering).

I've never seen Bob in California, but this Saturday the good folks at SLO Brewing Company are changing all that. If you want to see a truly gifted artist who really knows how to work a crowd, I suggest you make the trip. If you have other plans, get his live CD/DVD set "Live at the Paramount." At a minimum, check out some of his live stuff on YouTube. It takes a ton of talent to stand out in Austin, and this guy has more than enough.

My weekly Disney plug

I've been watching a lot of a show called "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." I know -- I'm a little old for it, but my grandson is way into this show. I've recorded a few episodes on the DVR and we watch it in the time between when he's too tired to run around and when he falls asleep. Now that I've started watching it with Oliver, I've noticed how much he's learned. He can count to 10, and he knows the difference between a circle and a sphere. He's learned a bunch of stuff that even if I'd wanted to teach him, I'd have no idea how to do it. Well, Mickey found a way. I don't know how long Oliver will stay obsessed with this show, but I'll watch it with him for as long as it lasts. And if you think we're mooching a free preschool education from the good folks at Disney, don't worry: We're taking him to Disneyland when he turns 3, so there will be a 10-year window when we'll spend about $40 million on Disney junk. But thanks to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," the kid will know how much change he'll get back.