LAMONT -- On Tuesday at 4:50 p.m., a call was received by the Kern County Fire Department for a hazardous condition in the 7700 block of East Panama Lane in Lamont at the Kern Oil Refining Co.

Approximately 19 Kern County Firefighters responded to the incident with assistance from the Kern County Environmental Health Department and California Highway Patrol.

Crews responded to a call for assistance at the refinery when refinery personnel were faced with a leaking product that momentarily flashed, causing the product to burn when in the process of transferring ethanol from a railcar to the facility.

Less than 5 gallons of product leaked before personnel at the refinery were able to mitigate the leak by closing valves and suppressing the fire with their fixed firefighting equipment.

Fire crews applied a foam blanket over the product and staged while maintenance personnel used a vacuum truck to collect the remaining product and water for safe disposal. There were no reported injuries.

-- Kern County Fire Department