Black Ops Real Estate, a housing developer, has postponed the date of its presentation to the Bakersfield Planning Commission for a planned apartment complex in southwest Bakersfield following opposition from residents in that area to those plans.

Black Ops plans to build a large apartment complex on the corner of River Run Boulevard and Elkhorn Creek Lane, but residents from the nearby River Oaks and Seven Oaks neighborhoods have been vocal in their opposition, holding a rally recently and writing letters to the city to ask that planning commissioners not approve the zone change Black Ops needs to build the project. They say an apartment complex doesn't fit with the area, which is made up mainly of single-family homes, and that it will be a drain on the local school and jam up traffic on River Run Boulevard.

The Planning Commission was set to consider the zone change for the 10-acre parcel in question on March 21. Black Ops is asking that the zoning be changed from the current low-density residential zoning to a higher-density designation.

Black Ops decided to postpone its presentation to the Planning Commission so it can amend its zone change application and include a specific site layout and plans that show how the project will fit within the existing neighborhood, according to a letter prepared by Bakersfield Planning Director Jim Eggert and sent to residents in the area.

It's not yet certain when Black Ops will bring the plans before the commission, Eggert said, but June 6 has been set as a tentative date.