The Kern High School District voted Monday to put automated external defibrillators on each of its campuses.

The move comes four months after the death of Caleb Hannink, a 15-year-old Centennial High School student who collapsed during his physical education class.

It will cost between $243,000 and $367,500 to start up the program, which includes the cost of purchasing 135 to 175 AEDs for use districtwide, according to district estimates.

The average high school campus is 60 acres, so each school will need multiple devices to meet the urgent three- to four-minute "drop to shock" timeline.

A cardiac patient's odds of survival increase greatly if the heart gets a jolt within three to four minutes.

There was no clear timeline on the implementation of the AED program because each campus will have to be checked out to determine how many devices it needs and where they should be placed, according to trustees.

KHSD is the state's largest high school district with 18 traditional high schools, six alternative education campuses, two career technical education sites and four special education centers.