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House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy says the Netflix series "House of Cards" is "intriguing" but doesn't capture the true reality of life on Capitol Hill.

The Sacramento Bee reports the Bakersfield congressman met with "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey before the show began shooting -- but only after learning the actor would be portraying a Democratic House whip.

Of the meeting, The Bee reported:

"The Bakersfield Republican said he tried to dispel Spacey's assumptions about power and punishment in Washington, before sharing what he tells members as he's surveying the prospects for a bill: "Vote your conscience, vote your district. Just don't surprise me." Before the meeting ended, the two took a picture in front of a framed whip that is on display in McCarthy's Capitol Hill office."

McCarthy said "House of Cards" has captured a few of the things he discussed with Spacey, but that generally, the show isn't based on the reality in the Capitol.

"Don't believe what you see in there, but it's intriguing," McCarthy said.

Read the entire Sacramento Bee story here.


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