Bowler of the Year Carlie Medina III lived up to his reputation by winning the annual Bud Hannaman 10-Gamer which took place Sunday, February 17, at Regency Bowling Center.

Medina quickly rose to the top by posting a 300 game in the mix for his 10-Game total of 2403 using his Brunswick Meanstreak Brawler ball. But he had company as Brian Kim also posted a 2403 for his 10-Game total. This meant the two had a one-game roll-off to decide who the champion would be. Medina won 247-192.

This year's event drew a total of 26 bowlers. Many of these bowlers knew Bud Hannaman well and came to honor his legacy by bowling this event. Friends also stopped by to visit with participants and remember Bud. It still is hard to believe he has been gone for almost a year now. Unfortunately this year, Bud's wife, Margaret, was ill and could not make the event.

High games of the day belonged to Medina for his 300 and Kent Gray who posted a nice 290 game.

When asked what winning this tournament meant to Medina, he said, "Bowling this tournament in Bud's honor and being able to win at the same time is awesome! This is a very special tournament and I want to thank God for giving me the ability to bowl and to Gary Cole and Russ Tweedy for keeping this annual tournament alive. I hope to see more bowlers support this tournament next year." After winning this event, Medina and his daughter Abbie went, where Disneyland!

Bowling Tech: Ball Tech Advanced

More new theories, more new ideas from the ball manufactures -- is everybody ready?

Dual Angle Drillings just one of the many new theories coming from the ball manufactures. Although the different ball manufactures vary in their ideas of how this dual angle layout works, each company seems to be heading towards these kinds of layouts for the higher-average players looking for precise ball reaction. Disputed by many of the ball manufactures is the fact that different RG and differential numbers greatly affect from one ball to another how they react even having the same dual angle layout?

These types of dual angle layouts generally started when all manufactures started placing a mass bias pin as well as the original top of the weight block pin in the bowling ball which gives two reference points for layouts. The two angles referred to are first of all the drill angle which is a line drawn through both pins on an asymmetrical ball or a line through the pin and CG-6-3/4" from the pin on symmetrical weight block balls. Pretty simple so far? Now the VAL angle (vertical axis line) is a line angle in degrees from the VAL line and the line drawn from the top of weight block pin to pap. The only problem so far is when the entire weight block is tilted too far left or too far right in the ball during the manufacturing process. Now the ball has an unknown extra amount of influence on the layout.

Remember the two most important motions of the ball are how far down the lane it goes end over end, and then how sharp it snaps when it changes direction towards the pocket!

2013 GEUSBC Mixed City Tournament -- March 16-17 -- Regency Lanes

Get ready for the upcoming GEUSBC Mixed City Tournament that will be taking place the weekend of March 16-17 at Regency Bowling Center.

Directors from the GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) will soon be visiting your leagues with entry forms and answering any questions bowlers may have about entering this event. It is handicapped and if you do not have a team to bowl with, they will help you find someone. This event has two divisions--Adult and Senior. And, this event also has two events to bowl in--Team and Mixed Doubles. Entry forms are available at local centers or you can download them at the GEUSBC

Weekly Super Scores

This week's Super Scores are two dynamic duos to report that just don't come around that often.

First up, we had not one but two 7-10 split conversions!

* Brandon Leonard was the first one to pick this split up in the Dixie league at AMF Southwest Lanes on Friday, February 15.

* Ryan Pollard, also bowling at AMF Southwest Lanes, picked the split up in the Thursday Night Highenders league on February 21. Congratulations and this is a GEUSBC (Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress) Lifetime Award that you will be presented at the 2013 GEUSBC Awards Banquet.

Then, this past Monday night some super bowling at AMF Southwest Lanes from Team 10 in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league! The trio team posted scratch games of 814-728-741 for a total of 2283. Sean Ambrose bowled a 299 to help achieve their 814 for game 1; Zack Newman a 258 to help achieve 728 for game 2; and then Newman rolled a 267 for game 3 to get their 741. Individually, Diz Francisco had a 737 series; Sean Ambrose a 755 and Zack Newman a 791. All three were throwing Storm bowling balls--Francisco the new IQ Tour, Ambrose used his Lucid and Newman threw his Frantic and later changed to the IQ Tour. Also adding to the excitement of this night, Ambrose's 299 game and 755 series are his career highest ever! And the 755 series is only the second time he has had a 700. His first 700 series was a 700 even and shot only about six weeks ago, also at AMF Southwest Lanes. He credits the improvement to his change over to Storm equipment. Ambrose, a former youth bowler, has just gotten back into the sport of bowling the last two years. This trio team could possibly hold the City Record for high scratch series!!

And then, this past Thursday night, February 21, Diz Francisco, again using his new Storm IQ Tour bowling ball, moved from the synthetic lanes of AMF Southwest Lanes to the wood lanes of Regency and bowling in Marge's Social Group league let loose his second game of the night and bowled a perfect 300. He then continued on striking into his third game for a total of 22 strikes in a row and finished with a 287 and a nice 809 series! This was Francisco's 6th career 300 game and his 4th career 800 series. Oh, and the 22 strikes in a row is a career high for Francisco as well. Francisco then went on to win the Coffee Club with partner Gary Cole yesterday. What a week of bowling!

Bowling community calendar

Wed., Feb. 27: GEUSBC Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Regency Bowling Center.

Sun., Mar. 3: San Joaquin Singles Tournament, Freeway Lanes, Selma. For info, call (559) 281-4444.

Sat., Mar. 9: Mexican-American Bowling Tournament, AMF Sierra Lanes, Fresno. For info, go to, or call (916) 682-8362.

Local bowling

Regency Bowling Center


280--Bill Field; 279--Ron Andrews, Mike Yorba, Robert Turner, Elwood Elliott; 278--Casey Rosenblad; 277--Mike Hardwick; 276--Roger Tilford; 267--Mike Wafford, Jerry Barker; 266--Scott Sukophand, Ian Byers; 265--Mike Maloy; 258--Rick Bowman, Rod Stratton, Baldo Lomas; 257--Carlie Medina III, John Lay; 254--Andy Sanchez, Frank Cornejo; 253--Jeremy Willer; 252--Scott Eidenshink

Junior Boys

195--Noah Dunbach; 143--Ricky Gonzalez; 132--Hunter Long


772--Mike Yorba; 755--Mike Hardwick; 743--Ian Byers; 731--Elwood Elliott; 730--Casey Rosenblad; 729--Mike Maloy; 727--Carlie Medina III; 706--Baldo Lomas; 702--Jeremy Willer


258--Stephanie Sanders; 254--Lezlie Chaffin; 245--Jennifer Mott, Marge Grissom; 242--Jana Richardson; 236--Linda Perry; 233--Sheilah Bomar; 228--Lenore Espinoza; 225--Sophia Cole, Toni Draeger; 223--Kathy Saldebehere, DeAnna Bishop

Junior Girls

164--Jasmine Sanchez; 152--Allissa Sweet; 118--Justine Tweedy; 105 -- Bradyn Reid


646--Stephanie Sanders; 639--Sheilah Bomar; 638--Jennifer Mott; 631--Lenore Espinoza; 613--Linda Perry; 600--Mary Gunsolus

AMF Southwest Lanes


299--Sean Ambrose; 289--Andrew Svoren; 279--Sonny Pollard; 276--Ken Torbron; 269--Zack Newman; 268--Tim Henson, Cody Lewis; 267--Vu Phan; 266--Martin Garcia; 261--Norris Richards; 258--Randy Carter, Robert Mayo, Ed Wheeldon, Bob Fildes; 257--Mike Hardwick, John Boyles, Jeremiah Ward, Mark Bess; 256--Bob Jones, Robb White, Joe Popper, Rick Bowman; 254--Mike Severy; 253--Greg Owens, Jr.; 252--Bill Bumacod, Patrick Smith, Ken Eggleston; 251--Diz Francisco, Steven Clark

Youth Boys

266--Paul St. Laurent; 179--Tim David; 158--Andrew Rodriguez; 80--Joseph Cornejo; 78--Christian Cornejo


791--Zack Newman; 775--Sonny Pollard; 761--Ken Torbron; 755--Sean Ambrose; 737--Diz Francisco; 734--Robert Mayo; 733--Bryan Bumacod; 715--Joe Popper; 712--Andrew Svoren

Youth Boys

648--Paul St. Laurent


259--Lisa Isbell; 244--Sue Eicher, Candy Sutton; 235--Lorri Howell; 233--Barb Francisco; 212--Angie Chavez; 207--Billie Reynolds, Pam O'Neil; 204--Wilma Horner; 203--Wanda Barrett; 202--Sharon Foose, Susan Decant; 201--Nikki McClain

Tournament results

17th Bud Hannaman/Post Super Bowl 10-Gamer AT REGENCY LANES

1st--Carlie Medina III (2650) $314; 2nd--Brian Kim (2595) $208; 3rd--Norris Richards (2352) $147; 4th--Zack Newman (2336) $105; 5th--Diz Francisco (2331) $84; 6th Kent Gray (2330) $67.


1st--Gary Cole & Diz Francisco (1892); 2nd--Alex Garcia & Greg Barraza, Jr. (1763)

Community calendar

Wednesday--GEUSBC Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Regency Bowling Center. March 3--San Joaquin Singles Tournament, Freeway Lanes, Selma. For info, call (559) 281-4444. Saturday, March 9--Mexican-American Bowling Tournament, AMF Sierra Lanes, Fresno. For info, go to, or call (916) 682-8362.