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Felix Adamo/ The Californian

Columnist Sherry Davis.

I love February! For two nights every year, millions of dog lovers across the nation are glued to their televisions to watch the Westminster Kennel Club and root for their favorites to win Best in Show.

And whether you're the owner of purebred dog or one of unknown ancestry, this show has something for everyone and is a celebration of the many ways that dogs enrich our lives.

If you're reading this, you know that this year's show is now history and a new reigning champion has already been crowned, but that none of these dogs, who are so loved and adored, ever go home as losers.

And since Westminster week shares the calendar with the holiday on which we express the love in our hearts for others, please excuse this week's descent into sentimentality for this belated Valentine.

You may already be acquainted with it if you watched the televised showing of the National Dog Show back in November on NBC. If not, prepare to be charmed.



My son asked a question, as little boys do

Of me, and my wisdom, and all that I knew.

"Is there a dog that is perfect?" he asked on a whim,

Well I thought and I thought about where to begin.


He'd have ears that were fluffy,

or cropped and alert,

And eyes that were sleepy,

Or perky and pert.

He'd leap like a bunny,

Or sit in your lap

And run fast as horses,

Or out, for a nap.

A dog that was perfect would be covered in spots,

Or maybe one color,

And then have spots not.

He'd be small as a teacup,

Or big as a house.

With a nose that seemed flattened

Or, broad as a mouse.

He'd swim and he'd hunt with a coat flying free,

Or be dainty and delicate,

And he'd, be a she.

As I struggled to answer

And not with a clue

My son, with a smile, said out of the blue,

With the wisdom of children that he already knew,

"The dog that is perfect,

Is the one next to you"

-- Sherry Davis is a dog trainer/owner of CSI 4 K9s. Email her at These are her opinions, not necessarily The Californian's.