At 12:30 a.m. Thursday, deputies received a report of glass breaking at a closed business in the 6200 block of Knudsen Drive.

Deputies arrived and saw Brian Dean, 35, of Bakersfield, inside the fenced property of Valley Industrial X-Ray. The business was closed and Dean appeared to be hiding from deputies.

As deputies walked around the fenced property and trying to find an entrance, they located property from the business stacked against the chain link fence.

Dean jumped the fence and ran south from the business, and a Kern County Sheriff's Department helicopter was able to track Dean as he ran onto Highway 99. Dean crossed southbound and northbound lanes of the freeway before being taken into custody.

While checking the parking lot of the business, deputies located several vehicles that had been burglarized.

The value and type of property taken from the business was still being determined.

Dean was arrested on suspicion of burglary and resisting a peace officer.

- Kern County Sheriff's Department