A stop sign has been approved at a Delano intersection near where a 12-year-old girl was struck and killed while walking to school last November.

The stop sign at Browning Road and 20th Avenue should be installed within the next few weeks, Delano City Engineer Roman Dowling said Tuesday. The signage was approved at a Feb. 4 city council meeting.

That intersection is currently a two-way stop, and Dowling said a study determined there were visibility issues on 20th Avenue because the street isn't fully developed.

Dowling said no changes are scheduled for the intersection at Browning Road and Summer Drive. That intersection was studied following the Nov. 14 incident in which Shaylyn Anela Pinoliar was struck and killed by a pickup.

The study found that Pinoliar's death had nothing to do with there not being a four-way stop at the intersection, Dowling said. In fact, the driver of the pickup had been stopped at the stop sign on Summer before turning right and hitting Pinoliar.

Dowling said the stop sign planned for Browning Road and 20th Avenue wasn't a result of Pinoliar's death. The study was already underway when Pinoliar was killed.

Pinoliar had been crossing the street at 7:32 a.m. on her way to La Vina Middle School, police said. Blanca Felix Leon, 26 at the time, was driving eastbound on Summer Drive, stopped at the stop sign at Summer and Browning and then started to turn right when she hit Pinoliar.

Leon was only driving a few miles per hour at the time, police said. Leon was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and a pretrial conference is scheduled for March 13.