The new executive director of the Cal State Bakersfield Foundation has booted and restructured the University Advancement staff charged with raising money for school programs.

As of Jan. 10, Bart Hill and Patty Keefer are out, and three new positions have been created for yet-to-be hired employees who will focus on targeted niches.

Hill was director of development for major gifts. Keefer was development officer for major gifts.

Prior to joining the foundation, Hill was the CEO of now-defunct San Joaquin Bank. Keefer had formerly worked for the Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic.

David Melendez took over as vice president of university advancement and executive director of the CSUB Foundation in August of last year. He'd come from Chapman University in Orange.

Two of the three new foundation positions will be connected to specific programs, Melendez said. One director of development will focus on engineering, arts and humanities, and the library; the other will focus on business, social science and education, and student affairs.

The third opening is for a director of donor relations and constituent programs.

Melendez said the new structure will enable the university to address the specific needs of individual programs.

"It's going to be good for the university short-term and long-term," he said.

Asked why the two previous positions were "closed," as he put it, before anyone had been hired to fill the new ones, Melendez said that "the kind of focused ground work that needs to happen" must begin right away, and he is willing to endure a gap in personnel in order to get there as soon as possible.

Hill said Tuesday that he is returning to the banking industry and will be starting a new job on Feb. 19. He declined to say which bank he is joining. Employees there have not been notified yet, Hill said.