Think the Super Bowl isn't a big deal? Think again. While the Baltimore Ravens' defeat of the San Francisco 49ers earned CBS a record Nielsen rating share -- 48.1/71 -- the social media numbers show just how interested and engaged fans truly were.

The Altimeter Group noted that 75 percent of all ads included hooks leading to second screen experiences -- Twitter, Facebook, Get Glue, etc. A majority referred viewers to a website or to Twitter. reported that the Super Bowl tallied up 30.6 million social media comments (Twitter, public Facebook data and GetGlue checkins). That's a huge increase over last year's social activity of 12.2 million.

Want to know what commercials were getting the most chatter?

Brand Bowl 2013 named Volkswagen the winner of this year's Super Bowl spots with its "Get In, Get Happy" commercial that prompted 86,614 tweets with close to 70 percent being positive. Other winners included Bud Light's "Lucky Chair" commercial and Taco Bell's "Viva Young" spot, which was considered most loved.

GoDaddy's "Perfect Match" spot -- remember the kiss? -- drove the most conversation, but sentiment was clearly negative, -11 percent.

The pistachio ad from Kern County's Paramount Farms earned just more than 4,000 tweets, with 60 percent positive sentiment.

It wasn't just the ads people were talking about.

Beyonce's halftime show generated 268,000 tweets per minute -- which is how Twitter measures tweet volume.

The third-quarter, 35-minute power outage garnered 231,500 TPM, while Jacoby Jones' 108-yard kickoff return hit 185,000 TPM.

Bluefin Labs reported in its analysis that Beyonce's show with 366,000 comments per minute across Facebook and Twitter beat the moment Barack Obama was re-elected (261,000 comments per minute).

So you can see what people are talking about.


We had a total of 596 comments and 389 likes over 12 posts on Reader engagement there and on Twitter ( was extraordinary Sunday night and kept me on my toes.

Beyonce's halftime show earned the biggest response from Bakersfield readers with 196 comments on Facebook as of Monday morning. Yes, people were still talking about her performance Monday morning.

When I asked about your thoughts on the kiss ad, 115 of you replied, mostly disgusted at how graphic it was.

Christine Luther Zimmerman posted, "Creepy and, oh, yeah, my 5 year old should be able to watch the Super Bowl without garbage like that!"

That was the sentiment on our Facebook page and across the Internet.

Based on your Facebook comments, the ads getting the most positive response from local viewers were the Budweiser Clydesdale ad, Doritos, Taco Bell seniors, Dodge (Paul Harvey) and Jeep (veterans).


The folks at Oreo deserve some special recognition for being fast to capitalize on the power outage that struck early in the third quarter.

Their tweet was simple, "Power out? No problem" and a link to a photo of an Oreo cookie with the line "You can still dunk in the dark."

Brilliant. Someone was thinking fast to get that out.

Of course that wasn't the only tweet about the power problem. Most pundits were joking that Batman villain Bane would be descending into the stadium at any moment.

The folks at Entergy, the local power company in New Orleans, were quick to let people know they were working on getting the lights on at the Superdome. Just 15 minutes in, they tweeted (, "We are working with Superdome officials to troubleshoot the issue. Power is being provided to the building."

The future is now

Sunday night's social Super Bowl experience is indicative of the direction sports, news and entertainment are going. No longer are we living in a single-platform world. We want to talk about the things we watch as we're watching them.

Next Sunday night promises to be talked about just as much with the Grammy Awards (hashtag #Grammys), and then the Academy Awards on Feb. 24 (hashtag #Oscars).

Be sure to join us those nights on at to share your views.

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