The Kern County Sheriff's Department is participating in the Secure the Call 911 cell phone drive.

Secure the Call is a nonprofit organization that collects and prepares used cell phones to distribute free to people who need a cell phone to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Secure the Call is a coalition of over 300 partners including police and sheriff's departments, battered women's shelters, domestic violence organizations, senior citizens groups, school crossing guards, school bus drivers, and other groups that demonstrate a need for emergency only 911 cell phones. Secure the Call collects the phones, cleans them, electronically removes all information in the phone, resets them for 911 use only, and then distributes them through partnerships throughout the country.

Used, unwanted cell phones can be donated at Kern County Sheriff's Department headquarters at 1350 Norris Road, in the lobby of Building A.