On Wednesday, the Kern County Sheriff's Department Incident Review Board convened to consider the use of force by deputies in two shooting incidents which occurred in Lamont on Nov. 14 and Nov. 15.

Those involved were identified as Sgt. Dustin Downey, Senior Deputies Raul Murillo and Michael Booker, and Deputies Conrado Curiel, Patrick McNeal, Christian Melero, Derrick Penney, Gabriel Romo and Darren Wonderly.

After a review of all the facts in this case, the Incident Review Board determined that the use of force by the deputies was within department policy.

Andres Aguilar, the gunman who shot at deputies several times, was hit by several rounds when deputies returned fire, according to deputies. Three deputies were struck by bullet fragmentation in the gunfight, and one deputy suffered minor injuries that didn't require medical attention other than first aid at the scene.