DELANO -- A suspicious-looking package found at the Emergency Department of Delano Regional Medical Center Wednesday afternoon that was ultimately determined to not be explosive led to an evacuation of patients and a response from the Kern County sheriff's bomb squad.

The incident began about noon when the package was discovered and security was notified, said hospital Director of Marketing Kathie Wright.

The package was found in a trash can during a routine cleaning.

The package was moved to a safe location and Delano police were notified as patients and others near the emergency department were moved inside the hospital.

Hospital staff were assigned to monitor the patients, and others met with family members of patients to inform them of what was going on, Wright said.

"In situations where patients are involved, their safety and care come first," said Executive Director Bahram Ghaffari in a news release.

The bomb squad determined the package was not explosive, and the hospital will review policies and procedures to determine if changes need to be made, Wright said.