It was a big weekend for high school football with three local schools playing for and winning their division championships. Friday night saw the teams from Garces, Ridgeview and Wasco all victorious, just like our own Zach Ewing said it would happen.

But the action didn't come to a grinding halt on Friday night. Wasco's win over Bakersfield Christian put it in contention for a possible California Interscholastic Federation regional bowl game -- the prelude to a state championship game. Zach was on it, writing and tweeting about possible bowl scenarios.

It was just after noon on Sunday when word came that Wasco was not selected to play in a bowl game. The Tigers were passed up in favor of San Diego-Madison and Monrovia.

"Bottom line, I think Wasco got jobbed," Zach wrote in his blog. "Madison played a terrific schedule and was probably the easiest selection, but I would have taken Wasco over Monrovia (which actually is going to host the game Saturday). I know the Tigers' schedule was weak, but Monrovia's wasn't earth-shattering, either, and when you can choose two teams in each division and you leave out an undefeated, there's a problem."

You can read more about Wasco and all the matchups on the School House Zach blog at .

What did our readers think about 13-0 Wasco being left out?

Patrick319 comments on the article, "They care more about ticket sales than competition. .... Maybe the bowl folk are scared to death of losing sponsorship dollars if some Valley team were to pull off another upset."

Over on Facebook, readers echoed those sentiments -- to the tune of 43 comments.

Justin O'Neal Roberts writes. "I don't really buy the big schools argument because BHS has been playing big schools (and winning) from all over the state for the past 100 years ... the bias for southern schools is pretty strong."

Danny Espitia notes, "This is so typical of the CIF, this situation is no different than when Bakersfield High School was overlooked a couple years ago. CIF bureaucracy."

There was lots of discussion on the thread, including some about Long Beach Poly making the Division I bowl game despite its 11-3 record.

Donna Hopkins-Goff echoed the sentiments of many on Facebook: "Those boys worked hard. ... Some of those boys probably grew up poor like I did. I wanted them to make it their dream!"

Even though the CIF doesn't think Wasco is a strong enough team, it's clear the Tigers have fans here at home.

Congratulations to all our champions.

Best of Kern

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2013 Best Of Kern Reader's Choice Poll.

This is your chance to nominate your favorite business in Kern County. The nomination period will close on Dec. 16, and voting will begin Jan. 7.

Categories have changed for 2013, and only the top nominations will make the ballot. Visit for more information and to make your nominations.

November talkers

What do Bakersfield folks like to discuss on Facebook? In November the talkers were clearly the presidential election and the weather on

Looking at our Facebook insights, nine of the most clicked-on, liked and commented-on posts were on those topics. Here are the top five:

1. The photo of the front page of the The Californian for Nov. 8 showing the Obama family on election night.

2.A Nov. 7 post reminding everyone of our posting guidelines and to keep the language clean.

We had a few comments deleted on election day because inappropriate language was used. This post prompted some good discussion and (I hope) helps clear up what will and won't get your comment deleted.

3. A Nov. 6 post asking readers what's next after Obama's re-election

4. The "Your vote is your voice" editorial cartoon reminding everyone to vote on Nov. 6.

5. A comment from us on Nov. 15 that said, "A big high-five to whoever did the rain dance!"

Yup, we know everyone talks about the weather.

And the one post for the month in the top 10 not about politics or weather? It was a photo post from Nov. 16 explaining how bananas get so bruised. You can see it at

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