Q: How soon do all the campaign signs around town have to be removed after Election Day? Is there a time frame for their removal?

-- Caller to the newsroom

In both the city of Bakersfield and unincorporated areas of Kern County, temporary political signs, as they're called, must come down within 10 days after the election.

If you still see signs up after that time, you can complain to code enforcement officials, who will contact the candidate and ask him or her to remove them.

The Bakersfield code enforcement complaint line is 326-3712. You can reach county code compliance at 862-8603.

Q: I have noticed that intersections marked as "Photo Enforced" have a slightly shorter yellow light than non-"Photo Enforced" intersections.

For example, near East Hills Mall, at the intersection of Oswell and Bernard streets, the yellow light is set for about six seconds, which is not enough time for vehicles traveling at the posted 45 mph to clear the intersection. At other intersections without the photo enforcement, the time is about eight seconds.

Why the difference? The two seconds does make a difference in reaction time.

-- C. Morland

A: Ryan Starbuck, a city engineer, answered:

Per the California Vehicle Code, all signalized intersection yellow times are set in accordance to the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

The intersections marked "Photo Enforced" follow the same guidelines as the non-photo enforced intersections.

The length of the yellow change interval for protected left turns is set at a minimum of three seconds. For through movements, the duration of the yellow interval varies depending on the posted speed limit of the roadway. Higher speed roadways have longer yellow interval times.

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