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Bakersfield fireman Dave Seibt and John Zamora demonstrate the danger of frying a frozen turkey as part of their annual live turkey fryer safety demonstration in November 2012.

Bakersfield firefighters gave a demonstration Wednesday on what not to do when deep frying a turkey.

A flash fire started when a firefighter placed a turkey in a deep fryer that had too much oil in it ,which spilled over the sides onto the flame.

"What we're emphasizing in this case is if there's too much oil, or if the oil's overheated, or you fail to dry off the turkey sufficiently the oil can boil over and become a flash fire," Battalion Chief Ross Kelly said.

The fryer should be placed outside on a flat, non-flammable surface away from structures, Kelly said. The cook should stay by the fryer at all times, and children and pets should be kept away from it during cooking and even for several hours afterward because the oil will still be hot.

Kelly said the cook should use cooking mitts, consider eye protection and have a fire extinguisher available because even if everything is done perfectly there's the possibility of a problem occurring.