The Kern County Sheriff's Department Community Work Crew has been involved in several cleanup projects over the past couple months.

On Oct. 4 and 5, the crew cleaned behind the Columbus Square Shopping Center at 2500 River Boulevard in east Bakersfield. Several abandoned couches and mattresses were removed along with accumulated trash.

On Nov. 1, the crew cleaned the east side of Manor from Roberts Lane to China Grade Loop. The work crew transported 500 pounds of road litter to the dump.

The next day, the crew cleaned Cottonwood Road between White Lane and Panama Road

And on Nov. 9, deputies conducted a transient sweep in the area of South Union Avenue and Taft Highway where transients had built shelters from tires and trash. The work crew removed couches, mattresses, 20 illegally dumped tires and accumulated trash.

- Kern County Sheriff's Department