A young party-goer from Ventura has been found unharmed after wandering away from a rave in a mountainous area near Pine Mountain Club, and spending a long night alone in the cold.

On Sunday at 5 p.m. the Kern County Sheriff's dispatch center received a 911 call from Alissa Goldman, 19, the sheriff's department said in a news release Monday.

Calling from her cell phone, Goldman told dispatchers she had attended a rave party in the area of Cerro Noroeste Road and Toad Springs on Saturday night, and had wandered away from the gathering.

The party continued through Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff's deputies and volunteer search and rescue teams from both counties began searching the area for Goldman. The search continued through the night and at 7 a.m. Monday, Goldman was found in an area just inside the Ventura County border. She was uninjured.

Kern County authorities said the location of the party was in Ventura County and was attended by more than 200. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office was advised of the existence of the party, the number of people attending and the missing person search, local authorities said.

Reached Monday afternoon, Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Don Aguilar said Ventura officials believe the party took place on the Kern side of the border. Ventura County sent ground crews and a helicopter to help in the search, he said. On Monday morning, Goldman showed up at Toad Springs campground, where rescuers contacted her.

"It's pretty tough spending the night out there," Aguilar said. "I can't imagine how cold it must have gotten."