Q: The southbound on-ramp from Olive Drive eastbound to Highway 99 has some very significant construction going on. In checking the TRIP (Thomas Roads Improvement Program) website, I see nothing in that plan -- this construction is too far north to be part of the Hageman Flyover as shown on the map of projects.

Is this current construction adding another lane to the 99 south on-ramp?

-- Tina Gerber

A: Kern County Roads Department Director Craig Pope caught us up:

The county roads department is adding the additional lane to the on-ramp on Olive west to southbound Highway 99. In addition, we will be adding an auxiliary lane on southbound 99 to the Highway 204 off-ramp.

These additions will greatly improve the ramp congestion and allow for future growth that is occurring. The extra lane will mean if you get on 99 at Olive and get off on 204, you will never have to merge onto 99 -- you just stay in the correct lane.

Work is being done both during the day and some evenings, so please pay extra attention when driving in that area.

The project should be completed by mid-December. This is not a TRIP-funded project but much of the facilitation of this project was through the TRIP office and funding for the project was through development fees.

Q: I (have a) comment about our beautiful county here that says they really like the veterans, etc. Then why does the county turn around and on Veterans Day, which is supposed to be a celebration of veterans, charge us double at the public golf courses on that particular day?

I'm a veteran and I play golf and I have to pay double the normal price just to play on Veterans Day.

-- Keith Bilbourn

A: Kern County Parks and Recreation Department Director Bob Lerude responded:

Veterans Day is one of 11 approved holidays in the Golf Course Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors. Holiday rates are the same as weekend rates.

As an example, Mr. Arthur could play on the holiday of Veterans Day and he would pay $24.50 for the round of golf. That is a $4.00 difference from the weekday rate of $20.50. If he is a senior, it's $14, the difference is a $10.50 difference from the weekend/holiday rate of $24.50.

If Mr. Arthur would like the policy changed, he can submit a proposal to our Parks and Recreation Commission. The commission would hear the proposal from Mr. Arthur and could recommend or not recommend changing the policy to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors has the final approval.

Editor's note: You can send correspondence to the commission through the parks department at: Parks & Recreation Department, 2820 M St., Bakersfield, CA 93301. You can also call the department at 868-7000.

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