Brandon Sarabia admits he channels some anger issues onto the playing field as the right guard on Bakersfield College's offensive line.

This anger isn't generated by a slight on the football field. It's been festering for most of his life.

His early years were spent living in a troubled household.

"My mother was addicted to a plethora of different drugs. It was really a bad situation," said Sarabia, a Garces High graduate who is a sophomore with the Renegades.

His biological father has never been in the picture. "I have no idea who he is and I probably will never know," Sarabia said.

One day when he was 8, his mother took Sarabia to her brother's home.

"She dropped me off and said she'd be back in two weeks," Sarabia said. "I haven't seen her since then."

Sarabia bounced around with other family members before his aunt and uncle, Maggie and Chad Ensey, took him at age "8 or 9." He's been with them ever since.

"I couldn't be more thankful for my aunt and uncle," he said. "I don't think I would be here without them."

Sarabia admitted he's still miffed about what he's gone through.

"I guess I am sort of mad," he said,