We know how much our readers follow high school football here in Kern County, and that was the impetus behind creating BVarsity Live -- a Twitter and Facebook network for all things related to high school sports. One of the most popular features has become the Friday night webcast with Louis Amestoy and Zach Ewing. The webcast launches about 11 p.m. on Friday nights at BakersfieldCalifornian.com/sports and goes until the guys are all out of scores to report and games to discuss. They also take calls from fans.

Now, many of you may be thinking what I'm thinking -- that 11 p.m. is not within the realm of possibility, especially given the fact our kids have their own sports practices early in the morning.

That's where our YouTube channel, BakoTube, comes in. If you haven't seen it already, we post all our videos over there including football highlights, President Obama's visit, Californian Radio webcasts, and videos that accompany articles in our publications, like the Food Dudes sampling the cuisine at Muertos.

Check it out at .

Covering the news and happenings in Bakersfield isn't about just our staff is able to get to. That's where you come in. And that's where Bakosphere picks up.

As the Condors had their home opener on Sunday, we took a look around the Web on Monday morning and pulled a bunch of your photos and tweets from the event.

The Bakosphere blog at bakersfieldcalifornian.com/local/bakosphere is a place where we post links to things about Bakersfield from other media and from you. There are even more community postings at Bakosphere.com.

Savor Bakersfield

On Nov. 13 we're producing Savor Bakersfield -- a cooking demonstration and culinary bazaar. This has always been a hot event in town, and this year it features Chef Jon Ashton.

One of the fun ways to be involved in this is to assist Ashton and his prep team. If you're interested in being an assistant -- in exchange for free entry to the event -- see our post on BakersfieldMom.com. The link is also pinned to the top of our Facebook page, facebook.com/bakersfieldmom.

And if you want to attend the event, which includes the cooking demonstration, food, beer and wine tasting, and shopping, you can purchase tickets at Ticketmaster.com. Use the code SAVOR for $4 off before Oct. 31. For more information on this event, visit savorbakersfield.com.


One of the tasks charged to a newspaper has historically been to be the archive for the community. In 2012, those archives are taking a new form as we dive into the publication of e-books.

Take a look at books.bakersfield.com to see how we've re-packaged the articles you've seen online, along with additional photos, video, history and articles we may not have had room for in the printed paper, and created books on the history of auto racing at Famoso, Bakersfield High School's unbeaten football season in 2011, and how he earthquakes on 1952 changed the physical and cultural landscape of Kern County.

If you followed President Obama's trip to Kern County, you will soon be able to purchase an e-book documenting his historical visit. (I say "soon" because it's done and submitted, and is in Apple's iStore approval process.) And coming in 2013, we'll have an e-book focusing on the Bakersfield Condors with lots of behind-the-scenes photos and video.

Just a little factoid: To date our most popular e-book has been "March Meet: Bakersfield/s Love Affair with Speed, Nitro & Good Times."

Photo challenge

Don't miss your chance to enter the Wide-Angle Photography challenge on CaptureKernCounty.com. You only have until Oct. 29 to submit and vote for Wide-Angle Photography photos. Prizes include two $20 gift cards for editor's and people's choice.

Jamie Butow is the community engagement coordinator for the Bakersfield.com Network, a social media junkie and the mom of an active 8-year-old boy. Email her at JButow@bakersfield.com. Follow her atFacebook.com/JamieButow2, Twitter @JamieButow, and on Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.