One person suffered minor injuries after nitric acid spilled during a product transfer in McFarland, according to a Kern County Fire Department news release.

The chemical spill, which happened at 7 a.m. Saturday at Sherwood Avenue and Kyte Road, caused a vapor cloud, prompting evacuations and road closures, firefighters reported.

The spill happened in a building in an orchard, said Fire Engineer George Baker.

Hazardous materials crews assessed the damage and severity of the spill.

Personnel drove to the areas where the cloud was moving and evacuated people, including farm workers.

"They were trying to take a lot of precautions," Baker said.

As of a news release issued shortly after 11 a.m., the spill was no longer progressing, it was considered to be in a static state and the incident was moving to clean-up mode.

A total of 20 fire personnel were sent to the incident, as were officials from the Kern County Environmental Health Department, California Highway Patrol and Kern County Sheriff's Department.