The young Rosamond parents of a newborn who died Sept. 11 have been charged with her murder.

Nicholas Newbold, 21, and Juliana Dorothy Linn, 18, also face drug charges for allegedly smoking marijuana and creating marijuana products in front of the baby, according to Kern County Superior Court records. They're being held without bail.

Both have pleaded not guilty.

A probable cause declaration filed in court by Kern County sheriff's deputies says 2-month-old Jude Newbold suffered multiple broken ribs and bleeding on the brain. A pathologist told detectives her injuries didn't all take place at one time, and were consistent with being gripped and shaken.

The court documents say the pathologist told detectives the baby "died a sudden, unexpected death of a violent nature."

When interviewed at the hospital emergency room and before Jude died, Nicholas Newbold told detectives he had spent the day before with the baby while Linn was at work, according to the reports. He said the baby had been fine, and a couple of people who had stopped at their home that day and were later interviewed also said the baby seemed healthy.

Linn arrived home from work, and she and Newbold went to sleep, the reports say. They were awakened at about 1 a.m. by Jude's crying.

Newbold told detectives he picked the baby up and took her into the living room to calm her down, the reports say. She seemed fine at first, but then vomited and went limp, he told detectives.

Linn called 911 and Jude was rushed to Antelope Valley Hospital, where she died.

Newbold wasn't able to give an explanation when detectives told him about the baby's injuries, the reports say. Both he and Linn admitted they heard a "popping sound" in Jude's ribs when they held her, but neither of them sought medical treatment for the baby.

In fact, they had skipped the baby's scheduled doctor's appointment to go to the welfare office instead, the reports say.

Detectives discovered that Newbold manufactured marijuana products at the couple's home in the 1800 block of Elm Street, and he used butane and other dangerous products that created strong fumes around the baby, according to the reports. Witnesses reported the couple smoked marijuana around their child.

Additionally, detectives said in the reports that Newbold lied about his drug use, the details of what happened just before the baby's death, and about his home life growing up.