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Results of 15 students from the Japan Martial Arts Academy of Bakersfield who competed Saturday in the Stan O'Hara USKA karate tournament in Bakersfield: Asher Klock, 1st weapons kata (forms), 2nd Kata, 2nd kumite (sparring); Sam Cole, 1st weapons kata, 1st kata, 1st kumite; Phillip Anderson 1st weapons kata, 3rd kumite; Kristian Barr, 3rd kumite; Brycen South, 1st kumite; Vincent Cardenas, 1st Katakata, 1st kumite; Layton Rohrbach, 3rd kata; Kell Harris, 2nd weapons kata, 3rd kumite; Shay Harris, 3rd kata, 1st kumite; Damian Gomez, 2nd weapons kata; D.J. Simos, 2nd Kata, 1st kumite; Donovan Simos, 2nd weapons kata, 1st Kata, 1st kumite; Ethan Padua, 3rd kumite; Sandra Ryan, 2nd weapons kata, 1st kata, 1st kumite; Lauren Samaniego, 2nd kumite.

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2012 Bakersfield Pro Grass Championships winners Rudy Siwy and Remi Boutillier receive their trophy Sunday at Stockdale Country Club from tournament sponsor representative Garret Ming of Jim Burke Ford.

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The Bakersfield Racing Pigon Club held its first young bird race of the season on Saturday from Fresno. Weather was clear and 63 degrees at release. There were 286 birds from 11 lofts. Darryl Coston was the winner. For more information on local pigeon racing, call Gary Berthiaume (661) 412-1233 or Stan Hullender (661) 301-1525.


Youth basketball

NJB registration, evaluations, 1-4 p.m. Sunday at Standard Middle School. The following registration and evaluation is 1-4 p.m. Oct. 7, at Standard Middle School. Call Jamie Viveros (661) 496-0798.

Flag football

X Cash Series, $1,000, winner takes all. 4 p.m. Oct. 6-7. 10-man rosters. Cost $225 per team. Call (661) 565-0743.


Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

U19 co-ed: Green Monsters 2-0-0, Golden Strikers 1-0-1, Silver Bullets 0-1-1, Blue Dragons 0-1-1

U14 co-ed: Immortals 2-0-0, Natural Disasters 1-0-1, Manchester 1-0-1, Strikers 0-0-2

U12 girls: Bakersfield Devils 2-0-0, Striking Stingrays 1-0-1, Scoring Angels 1-0-1, Purple Ninjas 0-0-2

U12 boys: Pumas 2-0-0, Barcelona 2-0-0, Dark Sharks 0-0-2, Dark Knights 0-0-2

U10 girls: Pink Rockstarz 2-0-0, Sour Patch Girls 2-0-0, Thunder Girls 1-0-1, Purple Dynamite 1-0-1, Blue Sharks 0-0-2, Purple Lightning 0-0-2

U10 boys: Komodo Dragons 1-0-0, Blue Flames 1-0-0, Strikers 1-0-0, Gladiator 1-0-0, Dragons 0-0-1, Soccer Shockers 0-0-1, Devils 0-0-1, Green Dragons, 0-0-1