A female truck driver's right leg was severed Wednesday afternoon after a big-rig ran over it at a gas station near Arvin, said California Highway Patrol Officer Adriaan Garcia.

The woman, 47, pulled into TA Travel Center, parked her truck and exited it to go to the store. As she was walking, another truck next to her began driving. The left front wheel of that truck knocked her down and ran over her right leg, severing it.

"Something that heavy can kind of squirt it off," Garcia said.

The driver of the other truck was a 42-year-old man. Garcia said he did not know either person's name.

An air ambulance arrived at the scene about a half-hour later, and the woman was airlifted to Kern Medical Center. Garcia said he did not know her condition or if her leg would be able to be reattached.

"I do know she was conscious when they were working on her," he said.