Three people were arrested Friday in connection with methamphetamine use, according to a Kern County Sheriff's Office news release.

Doug Brownen, 26, Bobby Amerson, 55, and Kristi Schilly, 20, were arrested after a parole search of Brownen's house.

Investigators from the California Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team went to the house on the 3600 block of Sampson Court for the parole search. When they arrived, they found Brownen and Amerson smoking meth in an unattached garage, according to the news release. The investigators arrested them and found more meth in their possession.

Investigators also found more evidence of drug sales in Brownen's belongings, which they searched.

Investigators also searched the home and found Schilly inside. She was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Investigators found a syringe, meth and prescription medication in her belongings, according to the news release.

A total of 17.3 grams of meth with a street value of $1,700 was found during the investigation, according to the news release.

All three were booked into Kern County jail.