As many locals know, The Rolling Stones are familiar with Bakersfield.

Their 1978 song "Faraway Eyes" not only name-drops Bakersfield but was inspired by the Bakersfield Sound genre of country music.

But here's an even better Bakersfield-Stones connection:

Did you know Bakersfield was the first AND last place the band ever played two concerts in one day?

That's according to John W. Strobel III, who was news director at KAFY Radio at the time. Strobel shares an interesting story in helping to bring the band to Bakersfield Convention Center.

Because the band's agents were demanding $30,000 per date, concerts on the band's California tour were in venues seating at least 5,000 people. Because the Civic held only 2,500, covering what was then a sizable guarantee was a problem. But the band had an open date, the handlers wanted cash, so a deal was made to have the band perform two shows, beginning with a matinee at 2 p.m.

As Strobel said, it's "something the Stones had never done before and never did again."

Do any Bakosphere readers remember those shows? We'd love to hear your details.