A plan on track to fill the Taft Community Correctional Facility with Los Angeles County inmates hit a speed bump Tuesday morning when the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors postponed its discussion of the proposal.

The supervisors put off consideration of the agreement until their Sept. 4 meeting in order to give the county's chief executive officer more time to put together information about the proposal, according to LA County spokesman David Sommers.

"The direction from the board was, 'We want more information before we take action,'" Sommers said.

On Monday night, Taft City Council members unanimously approved the potential five-year agreement with LA County in anticipation of the board's Tuesday meeting. Under the agreement, the county would pay $31,000 a day -- $60.55 per inmate -- for the facility's 512 beds and nearly half a million dollars in start-up costs.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department public information officer Nicole Nishida said the postponement will not impact the proposed agreement.

Taft and other cities including Shafter and Delano have been courting counties for new contracts for their community correctional facilities since their deals with the state ended last year due to realignment. The termination of the state contracts triggered layoffs of the facilities' staff. In Taft, it also meant the loss of extra revenue for the city and inmate labor for beautification and nonprofit projects.