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Mitt Romney's decision to name Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate has political observers wondering what this means for Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the majority whip in the House of Representatives.

One view suggests that if Romney and Ryan are elected, McCarthy is one step closer to even more power in the House of Representatives.

Joe Mathews, lead writer of the Prop Zero blog, says McCarthy could give Majority Leader Eric Cantor a challenge if current House Speaker John Boehner were to retire or step down.

Mathews writes:

"Romney, by picking Ryan, improves McCarthy's position by eliminating one potential competitor. (One caveat: It's not clear if Ryan will continue to seek re-election to his House seat concurrently with running for vice president; if he gives up the seat, or if the Romney-Ryan ticket wins, the path is much clearer).

"So the California angle on the Ryan pick amounts to this: we are a whole lot closer to having a house speaker from Bakersfield.

"Though that wouldn't make McCarthy the most prominent politician from that town. Earl Warren, the California governor and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, was from Bakersfield too."