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Famoso Raceway north of Bakersfield has been a key film location for the "Snake

The New York Times has showered some love on the "Snake & Mongoose" movie being shot at Famoso Raceway, taking readers behind the scenes in advance of the movie's scheduled 2013 release.

The Times wrote, "Tracing the lives, friendship, rivalry and partnership of the drag racers Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen -- known universally to fans as Snake and Mongoose -- the film spans the early 1960s through their showdown in the final round of the 1978 United States Nationals. Plans are for the film to appear in theaters next spring."

The story is datelined McFarland, although Famoso is its own destination. Writer John Pearley Huffman shares some great detail on the filmmakers' efforts to be historically accurate and a fun anecdote in which the real Prudhomme tries vainly to force director Wayne Holloway to make a script change involving an obscene gesture.