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Bakersfield is the name of a new restaurant in Westmont, Ill.

Awhile back, Bakosphere shared news of a Cincinnati restaurant called Bakersfield OTR. Our little bit of news triggered all kinds of reactions that led Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall give the Bakersfield OTR owners a key to our city.

Well, Mr. Mayor, you may want to prep a second key: A completely different restaurant named Bakersfield has opened in Westmont, Ill.

Bakersfield, the restaurant, is so-named because it's the hometown of the unidentified owners. Unlike Bakersfield OTR, there doesn't appear to be any Bako themes in the restaurant decor. And Ken Tsang, the restaurant's marketing director, told The Doings La Grange, that the electic menu is best described as "American."

" 'This is the way Americans eat,' he said. Among the appetizers, sandwiches and entrees on the Bakersfield menu are dishes inspired by cultures from all over the world. There's gnocchi and meatballs, a Cajun ribeye, and even sushi.

" 'We want them all to be our very best representation of that dish,' Tsang said. With such a variety, everyone can find something to meet their needs and tastes, he said."

As we noted last time, Bakosphere has a hearty appetite and is always up for a road trip. Bakersfield OTR is 1,906 miles away while the newer place is 1,726. At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if a third Bakersfield-named restaurant opened up in Iowa City, Iowa, later this year.