A Kern County Sheriff's Department deputy shot a charging pit bull Tuesday night.

Lt. Adam Plugge said the dog was still alive when it was picked up by Kern County Animal Control Tuesday evening. This is the fourth incident in the last month involving deputies firing their weapons at pit bulls, Plugge said.

At 5:17 p.m., deputies were sent to a house in the 1400 of Palm Drive for a report of someone brandishing a weapon and causing a peace disturbance, Plugge said. A deputy went to the front door of the house and when he opened the screen door a pit bull came out charging and growling at him.

The deputy fired one shot and hit the dog, Plugge said.

No people were injured and the deputy was still working his shift Tuesday night, according to Plugge. Deputies typically are not put on administrative leave for incidents involving firing their weapons at animals, the lieutenant said.

The Californian