Rosedale Middle School distinguished itself with 10 category finalists and Murray Middle School from Ridgecrest was second with 9 among about 700 students from 26 schools who competed at the 42nd annual Kern County Middle School Mathematics Field Day held May 12 at Liberty High School.

Kern County Middle Schools Mathematics Field Day is coordinated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools with sponsorship from California Math Council, Kern County Science Foundation and Westchester Kiwanis. It is a fun day of problem solving games and competitions. Some have playful names such as "leap frog" and "mad hatter." Still others offer the flavor of athletic competition with names such as "power relay," "circuit training," "individual medley" and "triathlon games."

"Questions are written to the California Content Standards," said Kathy Hill, event coordinator. "So, students can get ready for Mathematics Field Day while preparing for the California Standards test at the same time. And the competition is fun for everyone."

Sixth, seventh, eighth-graders or those in an algebra class for which they will receive high school credit compete in a series of written events testing their math skills individually and in teams of two, three, four and five by grade level.

The winners were:



School, Student, Grade (EXAMPLE: Irving Kreplock, 6th; Ludlow Yeast, 7th; Gotta Wynn, 8th)

Alicante Ave. - Yulissa Jaramillo, 6th

Almond Tree Middle - Araceli Meza, 6th; Viviana Escobar, 7th; Francisco Estrada, 8th

Cecil Ave. Math & Science Academy - Vanessa Ochoa, 6th; Catherine Pablo, 7th; Kendrick Reyes, 8th

Chipman Jr. High - Mikayla Singleterry, 7th; Andrew Ramirez, 8th

Columbia Elementary - Eden Helston, 6th

Discovery Elementary - Megan Tran, 6th

Endeavour - Dylan Chambers 6th

Franklin - Christian Garcia, 6th

Fruitvale Jr. High - Jayden Lotz, 7th; Julia Castro, 8th

General Shafter - Kaelan Moore, 6th; Aracely Romero, 7th; Ryan Taylor, 8th

Independence Elementary - Justin Guseman, 6th

La Vina Middle - Sydney Baraceros, 6th; Omar Obeid, 7th; Jezal Poliran & Alessandra Lopez, 8th

Monroe Middle - Autum Peach, 6th; Dylan Robinson, 7th; Nik Duque, 8th

Mountain View Middle - Elsie Mares, 7th; Jesus Garcia, 8th

Murray Middle - Gabby Campbell, 6th; Kevin Wonnacott, 7th; Levi Wheeler, 8th

Myrtle Ave. - Raul Aguilar, 6th

Nueva Vista Language Academy - Jose Jeronimo, 6th; Nicolas Chaney, 7th; Lupita Morales, 8th

Owens Intermediate - Cegret Willis & Bryan Ardron, 6th

Rosedale Middle - Kyra Sales, 7th; Morgan Lari, 8th

Stine - Celeste Mann, 6th

Stockdale Elementary - Aaron Deleon, 6th

Stonecreek Jr. High - Jonathan Lun, 7th; Eric Tavera, 8th

Wallace Middle - Taylor Surico, 6th; Ty Chadd, 7th; Jamie Davis, 8th

Warren Jr. High - Jennifer Pusavat, 7th; Bethany Xu, 8th

Washington Jr. High - Isidro Reyes, 6th; Steven Garcia, 7th; Andrew Fimbres, 8th

POWER RELAYS - 6th Grade

1st: Stockdale Elementary - Hannah Blalock, Mikaela Cardenas, Julie Rogers, Jenna Shih, Aaron DeLeon

2nd: Cecil Avenue Math & Science Academy - Leighton Carcha, Andy Avalos, Joshue Rico, Rogelio Valle

3rd: LaVina Middle School - Alondra Olmos, Liezle Fiesta, Jasmine Melero, Anthony Ceja, Maureen Munoz


1st: Murray Middle School - Eli Scanlan, Steven Luu, Allison Kleidon, Hai-An Tran, Patrick Gardner

2nd: Rosedale Middle School - Claire Winter, Kyra Sales, Noeli Topete, Halli McFee, Sophia Caputo

3rd: La Vina Middle School - Samantha Hernandez, Ramon Diago, Laura Welch, Adelynn Balala, Sarah Macias

POWER RELAYS - 8th Grade

1st: Warren Jr. High - Dalton Boyt, Ryan Morosa, Stephanie Chao, Ally Zhou, Angela Tun

2nd: Almond Tree Middle School - Jomarie Julian, Karina Fernandez, Joslene Corpuz, Vanessa Valladolid, Angela Galvan

3rd: La Vina Middle School - Marnelle Cruz, Steven Reyes, Alessandra Lopez, Karla Igarta, Julliene Fiesta

LEAP FROG - 6th Grade

1st: Owens Intermediate - Jose Cisneros, Grace Barrett

2nd: Franklin School- Nathan Kryvoruka, Justin Horton

3rd: Alicante School - Yulissa Jaramillo, Camila Mosqueda

Murray Middle School - Brittney Brown, Alexa Burgoyne

Endeavour- Spenser Prow, Licelle Yuzon

LEAP FROG - 7th Grade

1st: Rosedale Middle - Jason Shotts, Sebastian Gomez

2nd: Stonecreek - Fernando Rojas, Sarah Hightower

3rd: La Vina Middlle - Joshua Toralba, Jose Sagun

LEAP FROG - 8th Grade

1st: Warren Jr. High - Manooshree Patel, Roshini Ravi

2nd: Murray Middle School - Levi Wheeler, Jacob Haw

3rd: Rosedale Middle School - Julia Hessick, Katie Chambers


1st: Owens Intermediate - Kevin Ramirez, Mayra Contreras

2nd: Wallace Middle School - Aaron Grimsby, Tanner Tito

3rd: Stockdale Elementary - Solafa Harb, Emma Antongiovanni

7th and 8th GRADE (combined) CIRCUIT TRAINING

1st: Rosedale Middle School - Max Deutman, Ryan Schimogaki

2nd: Warren Hr. High - Sumanth Dara, Kelly Zhang

3rd: Stonecreek Jr. High - Jonathan Lun, Varghese Antony

MAD HATTER - 6th Grade

1st: Independence - Justin Guseman, Danny Elias

2nd: Owens Intermediate - Erick Angel, Xander Gonzaga

3rd: Stockdale Elementary - William Farr, Warren Alphonso

MAD HATTER - 7th Grade

1st: Murray Middle School - Thomas Hall, Kevin Wonnacott

2nd: Warren Jr. High - Zakariya Ali, Daniella Nicomedes

3rd: Chipman Jr. High - Nathan Boyd, Blake Grider

MAD HATTER - 8th Grade

1st: La Vina Middle - Zamantha Baraceros, Jezel Poliran

Warren Jr. High - Chloe Chai, Rebecca Tarmidi

Chipman Jr. High - Jordan Homes, Gianna Brandolini

2nd: Rosedale Middle - Morgan Lari, Cameron Roberts

Stonecreek Jr. High - Jineava To, Clarice Poblete

Fruitvale Jr. High - Kaleb Kingston, Parker Schmidt

3rd: Mt. View Middle - Yasmin Lares, Damarice Herrera


1st: Warren Jr. High - Bethany Xu, Sharon Hong, Shivani Gupta, Ryan Bowers

2nd: Chipman Jr. High - Ben Hakimi, Mica Hasta, Christian Herrera, Nick Rea

3rd: Murray Middle School - David Aranda, Sam Johnson, Kira Peters

SUDOKU-6th Grade

1st: Discovery - Elli Cunanan,

2nd: Woodrow Wallace Elementary - Brittany Witten

3rd: Stine School - Gillian Ellsworth

SUDOKU - 7th Grade

1st: Warren Jr. High - Matthew Renatt

2nd: Fruitvale Jr. High - Camryn Wuest

3rd: Murray Middle School - Lieshka Warkentin

SUDOKU - 8th Grade

1st: Almond Tree Middle - Lizbeth Nunez

2nd: Woodrow Wallace Middle - Dustin Wagner

3rd: Murray Middle School - Kevin Campbell


1st: Endeavour - Alana Klopstein

2nd: Murray Middle School - Gabby Campbell

3rd: Washington Jr. High - Levi Halle


1st: La Vina Middle - Glenn Garcia

2nd: Cecil Ave Math & Science Academy - Ricardo Ambrias

3rd: Fruitvale Jr. High - Noah Thorpe


1st: Fruitvale Jr. High - Zach Winger

2nd: Warren Jr. High - Aeris Miclat

3rd: Rosedale Middle School - John Cruz


1st: Chipman Jr. High - Peter Wykoff

2nd: Owens Intermediate - Trevor Moore

3rd: Endeavour Elementary - Ethan Nicholson


1st: Chipman Jr. High - Harrison Wykoff

2nd: Murray Middle School - Sidney Pollock

3rd: Rosedale Middle School - Nate Thorp


1st: Chipman Jr. High - Kevin Starr

2nd: Fruitvale Jr. High - Jared Lampson

3rd: Rosedale Middle School - Shams Bawani


1st: Independence - Justin Guseman, Danny Elias, Valeria Chavez, Spencer Stockton

2nd: Alicante - Jessica Brambilla, Irvin Neri, Yulissa Jaramillo, Alex Zaragoza

3rd: Almond Tree Middle School - Diego Perez, Aarhon Balingit, Brian Ceja, Araceli Meza

4th: Cecil Ave. Math Science Academy - Vanessa Ochoa, Hector Cisneros, Melvin Sanchez, Eustolia Beltran


1st: Stonecreek Jr. High - Sarah Hightower, Natalie Mazmanian, Virpal Gill, Fernando Rojas

2nd: Rosedale Middle School - Sebastian Gomez, Luke Fringer, Kyra Sales, Jason Shotts

3rd: Almond Tree Middle School - Viviana Escobar, Ruby Ceja, Vanessa Gamboa, Bryan Medina


1st: Rosedale Middle School - John Cruz, Morgan Lari, Cameron Roberts, Ariana Sales

2nd: Chipman Jr. High - Andrew Ramirez, Rose Nieto, Monique Armijo, Mica Hasta

3rd: Stonecreek Jr. High - Eric Tavera, Kyle Willman, Jasdeep Kaur, Simran Sarai

-- Kern County Superintendent of Schools