Country crooner Tracy Lawrence has been singing about human frailty long enough to know that there's a lot of people up to no good at 4 in the morning.

But in case he needed a reminder, he got one in Bakersfield early Monday when some of his musical gear was stolen from a trailer parked at the Best Western Crystal Palace Inn & Suites, next door to the very venue where he will play two nearly sold-out shows tonight.

Crystal Palace Promotions Director Jerry Hufford said the theft, which occurred at the hotel where Lawrence was staying, will have no effect on the singer's shows. As of Wednesday afternoon, only single seats were available for both the 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. concerts.

"Between his crew and all of our gear, there's no problem," said Hufford, who noted that Lawrence, 44, was in good spirits. "It has no impact on the show -- the shows will go on."

Lawrence was unavailable for comment Wednesday, but his publicist, James Dutile, gave The Californian the few details he had.

"They woke up that morning to the trailer being broken into," Dutile said. "I don't think the police have that person yet, that I'm aware of."

Bakersfield Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Mary DeGeare confirmed a crime report had been filed and noted that much of the equipment stolen from the trailer was custom-made, though there was no estimate of its value. DeGeare had no information on suspects and urged anyone with information on the theft to call Detective Brian Kennemer at 326-3541.

Lawrence, whose hits include "Sticks and Stones" and "Find Out Who Your Friends Are," is on tour to promote his 2011 album, "The Singer."

"There's a unique story to that," Dutile said. "He hadn't had music out for several years and he wanted to give back some music to his fans, so he recorded this real intimate project for them, and then it got such a good response that he decided to put it out.

"It's a very broke-down, intimate record."

Though he and his five-member band will be performing songs from "The Singer," Lawrence won't ignore the biggest singles of his career.

"It's a pretty dynamic show. It's pretty much hit after hit."

After years of being a self-described "hell-raiser" who had his own brushes with the law, Lawrence has changed his ways in recent years, Dutile said.

"His rowdy days are kind of over. He's a family man these days."

In fact, Lawrence spent much of the past week in Bakersfield golfing, his publicist said.

"I think he had some time, routing from some other shows. He really likes Bakersfield. It's a great country town. Buck was someone he respected."

Lawrence will continue his tour with shows in Northern California on Friday and Saturday.

Dutile said the singer plans to release an album of new material later this year or in early 2013.

-- Californian staff writer Matt Munoz contributed to this report