Madison Meadors walked in the rain Sunday afternoon to show some friends where Dillon Wilson, 19, died early Saturday morning.

"Here's where he got shot," she said, pointing to red candle wax and cigarette butts littering the street -- the remnants of a makeshift memorial Saturday night.

A shooting in this well-maintained north Oildale neighborhood left Wilson dead and Richard Taylor, 18, injured. Sheriff's deputies arrested neighbor Kevin Kingsbury, 28, on suspicion of murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

The weekend's violence shook residents of this manicured, quiet enclave in the 600 block of Orchid Drive near the airport and North High School.

"We're so surprised what has happened here," said Delaney Regan. "This neighborhood is the best in Oildale."

Early Saturday morning, Kingsbury became upset about a party in the neighborhood, leading to an argument, a fight and several shots, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Neighbors said they awoke to the sound of gunshots, and many ran out to the street to see what was happening.

Kim Myers, who lives a few houses down from the shooting site, said her son Steve Sanchez had attended the party. The gathering was winding down and people were saying their goodbyes when the incident happened.

Kingsbury, who lives across the street, came outside, upset with the partygoers, she said. He had a gun with him, which he fired after Taylor tried to knock it away, she said.

"That's when he got shot," she said. "The kids tried to scatter."

Wilson was shot in the back as he tried to leave the scene, she said. He fell to his knees and started crawling on the street, she said. Then, he was shot again in the head, she said. When he stopped moving, the street erupted in cries of "No, No, No."

That's when Myers' son ran into his own house and screamed, "They killed my friend and he's lying in the street!"

Myers grabbed a towel and ran outside to help. She gave the towel to Taylor, the 18-year-old who had also been shot and had a bullet wound in his chest.

By this point, Wilson lay in the middle of the street, motionless, she recalled. All around her, people were wailing: "You killed our friend for no reason."

Wilson, who had attended North and played football, did not live on Orchid Drive, neighbors say, though he frequently hung out there with his friends. The house where the party was held Friday night is a popular gathering spot, with people often hanging out in the front yard with music playing, neighbors said.

No neighbors near Kingsbury's house said they knew him, though several mentioned he had served in the military.

Kingsbury lived at his in-laws' home, along with his wife, said Gabriel Solorzano, a nearby neighbor.

Solorzano was awakened that night by his son, 14, who said he heard a woman's voice saying "Oh yeah?" followed by gunshots.

Wilson's last Facebook post was Friday afternoon when he asked his friends: "What's up. What's going on tonight?"

In response, a poster Saturday morning wrote: "I wish you would have just stayed home."