Dr. Emmanuel G. Mourtzanos has been hired as the College's new Dean of Instruction at Bakersfield College, BC officials announced today. Mourtzanos is filling a position left vacant due to a resignation last year.

Mourtzanos will be Dean for the Academic Development, English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Language and American Sign Language departments. He will be joining the Bakersfield College staff beginning Monday.

Prior to joining Bakersfield College, Mourtzanos served as Dean of Academics & Arts at Bakersfield Christian High School in Bakersfield. His responsibilities included designation as the President/Chief Academic Officer, under which he supervised faculty and coordinated professional development activities, ensured curricular effectiveness and adherence to academic policies, and represented Bakersfield Christian High School with the constituents.

Mourtzanos has more than 15 years of experience as a higher education administrator and instructor in various courses including statistics, quantitative and qualitative research methods, leadership development, and first year experience.

He earned a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Tyndale University College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His Master of Arts in Student Development is from Providence College and Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada, and his Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration is from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA.

"Dr. Mourtzanos brings with him a wide background in higher education administration and leadership," said BC executive vice president Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg. "His background illustrates a wide career of solid leadership and team-building skills, with interpersonal and organizational skills which will facilitate educational opportunities for students at Bakersfield College."

As Dean of Instruction, Mourtzanos will be responsible for maintaining and building programs, curricula and courses pertinent to the department. He will also monitor student enrollments; provide budget control and development; and supervise the preparation of faculty and class scheduling.

-- Bakersfield College