Kern County Emergency Medical Services and Bakersfield College are teaming up to help protect the medical health of Bakersfield residents during a major emergency. The partnership will be announced on Tuesday, November 1 at 10:30 a.m. in Bakersfield College's Skills Lab (Math Science Room 58).

The partnership, which establishes Bakersfield College as an alternative health care center in a major emergency, provides for three electrocardiogram monitors and three infusion pumps to be stationed in Bakersfield College's Skills Lab for nursing students to use during training. In the event of a major emergency, Bakersfield College's Skills Lab will transform into an alternative health care center, and the equipment will be used to monitor the health and wellness of Bakersfield residents seeking medical treatment.

In addition, Bakersfield College nursing students would execute any alternative health care center set up and provide the health care to patients directly, under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians.

-- Bakersfield College, News Release