Bakersfield College's Student Government Association on Wednesday will launch a new student fitness and health program, in cooperation with the College's Student Health and Wellness Program, at a pep rally in the Free Speech Area. The BC Be Fit program, which addresses eight of the 10 leading health indicators affecting college students, is provided free of charge to all registered students. The BC Be Fit pep rally, to be held Wednesday, August 31 at 10:30 a.m., will include a choreographed performance of Beyonce's Move Your Body performed by students and members of the organizing committee.

According to Healthy People 2020 and Healthy Campus 2020, common health indicators for college students include alcohol and drug abuse, tobacco use, depression, violence and more. Bakersfield College's BC Be Fit program addresses eight of the most common indicators through programs and services which:1. Provide access to quality health services2. Decrease depression3. Decrease drug and alcohol use4. Increase physical fitness5. Decrease tobacco use6. Improve sexual health7. Address nutrition and obesity8. Prevent violenceBC Be Fit is a multi-faceted program which creates an environment that supports the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit for the entire Bakersfield College community. As part of the Bakersfield College BC Be Fit program, activities will be held which promote a healthy campus.

-- Bakersfield College, News Release