Q: We've noticed some work being done to the lots in front of Sam's Club and across from Del Taco on Gosford Road. Any news on what business will occupy these lots?

-- Jenae Bingham

Bakersfield Planning Director Jim Eggert answered:

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is proposed at the corner of Gosford and Harris in front of Sam's Club, and Chase Bank is proposed further to the north along Gosford in front of Kohl's. Grading plans have been approved. Building plans are currently being reviewed by staff engineers with permits to be issued once corrections have been made to the final plans.

Q: Do you have students that work for you, dressed in plain clothes, with an I.D. tag, soliciting to earn college donations, by trying to sell the paper or to lower the monthly fee of the paper? If so, I feel bad, but, If they were encouraged to dress in a more professional attire, not baggy clothing, we might give them a chance. It's all in the dress. How do we know it's not a scam or intentions of an intruder? Kinda hard to trust people these days. Maybe a polo shirt with The Californian's logo would help be more convincing. Just some constructive feedback.

-- Desie Olvera

A: Nancy Chaffin, The Californian's vice president of administration and operations, answered:

Our door-to-door crews are only selling subscriptions based on the value of the paper itself and the convenience of home delivery. We use a reputable firm (independent contractor) that performs this same work for several other newspapers in other areas. They have a defined set of rules and conditions.

The sales crew members should all carry identification showing that they are contractors of The Bakersfield Californian and the name of their firm. Their ID badges also have contact information on the back side.

Sales crew members are only selling subscriptions to The Bakersfield Californian and are not soliciting other products, services or donations.

Q: What are the names of the members of the editorial board of The Bakersfield Californian?

-- Jack Warren

A: Ginger Moorhouse, The Californian's owner and publisher, helped us with this one:

The core board members in addition to Moorhouse are The Californian's Richard Beene, president and CEO; Robert Price, editorial page editor; and John Arthur, vice president and executive editor. Technically all members of the newspaper's executive staff can attend editorial board meetings.

In the past, community members have served six-month or yearly terms and their names were included in the newspaper's masthead along with the in-house board members. The Californian has also had student members serve from time-to-time.

Editorial positions on issues and political endorsements are generally discussed among the members, who bring up different points of view before taking a position or siding with a candidate.

Often the vote can be very close. In that case, the opposing position is usually presented in the resulting written editorial.

Another logistical note: to strengthen the wall between news and editorial, the editorial page editor reports to the publisher rather than to the executive editor.

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